AI for Sales: Empowering Sales Teams to Achieve More

Gone are the days when sales professionals relied on cold calls and high-pressure tactics to close deals. No more impersonal calls or emails hoping to reach a prospective buyer. As in numerous other industries from finance to automotive and more, professionals in sales are adopting voice-enabled conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to meet their business goals […]

Conversational AI for Healthcare: Transforming Patient Care and Efficiency 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a trend of the future. More than 55 percent of businesses are using AI to improve and perfect business operations, and 46 percent are utilizing it for customer relationship management.  An increasing number of consumers are on board with AI, too. An estimated 75 percent of customers use multiple […]

Conversational AI for Restaurants: 6 Ingredients for Operational Efficiency

More than half of American adults eat out three or more times a week, and over 35 dine on fast-food meals more than twice per week. Perhaps that’s why there are more than twelve different types of restaurants in the United States, from fine dining and fast casual to bistros, cafes, cafeterias, food trucks and others. Owning […]

Conversational AI: A Home Run for the Home Services Industry

Male plumber in uniform and female customer in the kitchen. Handyman with toolbag repair sink, sanitary equipment service at home

Plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, carpenters, landscapers, painters and cleaners — these, along with many other types of professionals, comprise the home services industry. This sector, which in the United States is anticipated to reach $1219.07 billion by 2026, employs more than five million workers. According to some estimates, Americans complete approximately 511,345,000 home service jobs each […]

Conversational AI in Banking: How it Helps Automate Fintech Businesses

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) continues to impact United States businesses. As noted in the recently published U.S. Chamber of Commerce report, Empowering Small Business: The Impact of Technology on U.S. Small Business, AI systems can not only enhance efficiency, save time and improve decision-making across business operations, but they can also optimize […]

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